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The public service provided by these committed professionals warrants›our deepest respect and most sincere appreciation. The services they provide this great nation are the very fabric of American opportunity, freedom and safety.›

Law Enforcement .Teachers . Firefighters . Armed Forces personnel make daily sacrifice and take daily risk for the betterment of our society as a whole.  

This special group of professionals have earned consideration from hundreds of vendors and programs in the United States. BREVARD HEROES serves as an employee benefits conduit for our nation's most valuable human resources.

Details For Our Heroes

BREVARD HEROES provides qualified public servants an immediate CASH benefit when making any Real Estate transaction.

Private Sector programs combine for up to $4000 CASH at Closing when using participating vendors to the BREVARD HEROES employee benefits program. 

The amount of your CASH at closing depends only upon the price of the home you are purchasing or selling and the number of participating vendors that you voluntarily elect to employ during the process. Our network includes Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Escrow Companies, Attorneys and Title Companies.

ALL OF THE SERVICES you need in any real estate transaction! 

The difference is BREVARD HEROES requires these vendors to provide VIP treatment and special services reserved only for our employee benefits program. Furthermore we serve as your advocate and liaison customer service initiatives between you and our approved suppliers. 

In short, if the HERO isn't happy,  
The money is just a bonus! 













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